About Magic Gratitude

What we focus on expands.

Magic Gratitude is my happy place on the Internet where I create beautiful things to wear and share.

All reminders of what is possible when we learn to live mindfully and focus on what we appreciate.

Hi, I’m Lisa Sonora. 

I’m an artist and expressive arts therapist who uses creativity as a path to well-being: spiritual, psychological and behavioral. It’s all connected!

As a survivor of CPTSD, (chronic / childhood post traumatic stress) making art and pursuing personal growth are the things that helped me feel better. So I’ve always mixed art and psychology and spirituality together.

Having a gratitude practice is one of the simplest, most powerful tools I know to shift energy and bring focus into the present moment. And it’s not just “woo-woo” (although there’s nothing wrong with that!), but backed up by science.

Our Brains Are Plastic. Sculpt!

One of the most exciting discoveries on my healing journey was learning about neuroplasticity. That is: we can rewire our brains!

Being an artist I thought: Since our brains are plastic, I might as well sculpt!

The designs I create for Magic Gratitude are inspired by spiritual teachers, positive psychology and neuropsychology practices that help us focus our attention on creating what we really want — no matter what challenges we face.

At Magic Gratitude, you’ll find thought-provoking, beautiful, (and sometimes humorous) designs that express a passion for a growth mindset.

These are small things that help us live and express our best lives, and make a difference for the people, places and things we care about most.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I appreciate your business!

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